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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Food on Wheels; Khanom Waan

Food on Wheels; Khanom Waan

Now that the situation on Koh Samui is stabilizing again (I arrived back on the island today and drove from Nathon to Plai Laem without problems) it's time to catch up on some other topics again and the first one to kick off a series of 3 Koh Lanta food related topics that are coming up is from the ever popular Food on Wheels series.

Today's pictures are from a well known early evening vendor, the 'Khanom waan' or the sweets vendor. I caught him near Saladan, the main village on the North of the island, where the car ferries arrive and depart.

These vendors usually pop out in the very late afternoon and early evening all over Thailand it seems and sell their assortment of sweets to all who are interested and that's not just kids but plenty of adults come to see him and spend their money on some sweets.

The assortment is sweet indeed! It's well worth trying out the various sweets or khanom waan on offer but be aware, it is sweet indeed. Better not have dentist issues when you dig in to these.

Soon more updates on an excellent restaurant and a German bakery on Koh Lanta. Stay tuned!


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