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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mala Dim Sum Restaurant in Kata Beach on Phuket

Mala Dim Sum Restaurant in Kata Beach on Phuket

Upon meeting with a friend of mine in Phuket, he suggested a Dim Sum place in Kata to get breakfast. As it turned out, it was just around the corner of the small hotel that I stayed at.

It's located at an intersection of a road that runs parallel to the Kata Beach road, on the crossing of the road that houses the Centara Kata hotel. Outside you may be able to spot this yellow sign.

The ordering is interesting, since all the dim sums are deep frozen and you walk up to a couple of freezers at the entrance and start ordering. A lot of the dim sum's are really small and cost just 10 or 15 THB per order. Dim sum is a Cantonese term for a type of Chinese dish that involves small individual portions of food, usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate as the picture above shows. That the breakfast for the two of us.

This picture shows the freezers with the various dim sum's on offer and the steamers in the background.

It's a rather big place and well maintained and clean and it opens around 6am but closes in the early afternoon. Plenty of local people were around when I visited today and my friend who lives in Phuket since a few years said that this was typical, so it seems that the place has a good reputation. I can only vouch for that since our breakfast was excellent.

A view from the outside. It's very likely that I will be back to this place, especially considering that I'll be back on Phuket on the 10th and 11th December for a PADI IE, most likely staying just around the corner!


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