Wednesday, 10 November 2010

More flooding on Samui yesterday, pictures and video

More flooding on Samui yesterday

Yesterday the flood gates were opened again over Samui and in many places the roads were flooded again, in Chaweng, Lamai and Bophud a lot of water made many roads impassable again.
After my initial posts with videos and pictures from flooding earlier this week, here are some more of pictures and a video of Lamai yesterday.

The forecast looks good for today and tomorrow but Saturday strong wind and heavy rains are predicted again.

Lamai 7-11


Thanks to Marat for the video



Paul Garrigan said...

Hi Camille, I think that second picture of 7-11 is great advertisment for the chain of shops. It shows just how desperate people are to go there :-)

Camille said...

Hi Paul,

Good observation!

Steff said...

My daughter is on Ko Tao until Thursday, 11/11. Do you know how it is
there? How can I find out. As bad as Ko Samui?
Thank you,

Camille said...

Hi Steff,

Koh Tao was not as bad as Samui last week. They had electricity all the time and no serious flooding. Not sure how they fared yesterday.

I expect the ferries to run tomorrow.

Hope this helps.

Martyn said...

Camille the pictures make shocking viewing, I don't think I'd have the balls to wade through that. Not even if I'd run out of cigarettes.

I hope it all clears up pretty soon for you and everyone on Samui.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

Everybody on Samui just hopes that the rain subsides! Looks like the rest of the week there will be some more rain pouring down though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille, I am meant to be going on my honeymoon tere in September but worried the place were due to stay will be ruined. Cud u giv me some insight into how long it wud take to clean up, any info wud be gr8. Thanks, jade.

Camille said...

September is sooo far away and you should be fine. Have a look at my archives, about halfway down the page, left hand side, they go back 4 years and will give you an idea how nice the weather usually is during September.