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Friday, 12 November 2010

Red Snapper restaurant, Klong Dao, Koh Lanta

Red Snapper restaurant, Klong Dao, Koh Lanta

During my stay on Koh Lanta I had dinner here twice and this place definitely rocks! This is the second restaurant review out of three that I promised yesterday, although I'm not sure if the Food on Wheels contribution I made yesterday counts as a restaurant, I would say we count that as food!

The Red Snapper, run by a Dutch couple who live on Lanta for 7 years now, is located at the Southern part of Klong Dao or long beach. It's opposite a road that leads onto a T-crossing at this point, the only big road going off the main road for a few miles to both sides.

Mixed order with plenty of tapas

The restaurant is open air! There are three seating areas which allows you to pick where to sit and have more or less intimacy, whatever you need or like at that moment.

A great cold platter with a nice assortment of meat

The menu is really great, it has loads of tapas and just a mixed order of a few of these will fill you up nicely, not to mention the nice home made food. Although of the latter I would've hoped for more!

Meatballs, just yummy

We ordered the home made pate as well which is delicious, plus a few other bob and bits that I didn't even get around to taking pictures of, they were eaten that fast!

Cheese platter

Together with a nice bottle of wine, the food goes down very well and all the ingredients make it very rich, it's nice to taste the olive oil and other good stuff they use.

If you're in for a treat or want to have a food adventure just slightly different or want to surprise somebody, this might be a very good place to start the evening or night!

If you can't get enough, they also rent a hand full bungalows at Red Snapper and they even have a sandwich shop near the road although rumor has it that this may stay closed this season.


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