Saturday, 31 July 2010

Goodbye to July 2010

Goodbye to July 2010

It's that time of the month again, July 2010 is about to leave us, welcome to August 2010.
Before we completely wrap up this July however, a few remarks;

The weather was good this month, for a July. We had the usual July rain showers but they were mainly during the evenings or nights and Koh Samui was and is in dire needs for rain. There was also some strong wind again but this is also pretty standard for a July and we even had a mini storm. All in all, if you were on Samui for a holiday during this 2010 version of July, you should've had plenty of sunshine. The 2009 and 2008 versions were slightly wetter, it seems when I'm looking back at the archives.

It was also a busy month on a personal note with my sister and her family and a very good friend visiting during this month. There are also a few blog readers that visited the island during this month, a big thanks goes out to all of you who regularly visit my blog, it's appreciated.

My sister stayed at the Chaweng Cove Resotel for a second year in a row with the second year in a row being satisfied with the price/waht's on offer ratio. The food is unfortunately nothing to write home about but that left us with plenty of choices to eat outdoors and this month saw visits to plenty of my fave restaurants on the island; Le Café des Arts, Il Duomo and Prego for some great pizza and Italian food, Catcantoo for it's famous spare ribs, SITCA after their cooking attempts, MK Suki in Chaweng (oops, Catcantoo is in Bang Rak!), Sabeinglae in Lamai, Angela's in Maenam and plenty of other places where I go each month, the small Thai eateries like the Dcheed 2 with it's great Saté muu, Clock Lana and the Kao Man Gai place in Lamai.
Lots of outdoors eating this month and good times were had by all of us.

This month saw also two highly popular posts, one with pictures of one of the speedboats involved in last months Full Moon Party collision, I must admit, the pix do look intimidating and interestingly enough, two people who were on the boats involved found my blog and commented and spoke about their experiences.
The other popular post was about pictures of the damage done after we had a real storm roaring over our island for a couple of hours, although the damage was rather marginal.

On to another topic, posts from bloggers around Thailand that I found worth reading this month and who I can highly recommend to you, have a read through their respective posts and visit their blogs, there's some interesting stuff out there;

For starters Rick's blog about Thailand and a post in which he sees the countries tourism on the mend again.

Martyn always looks beyond the Mango juice and is a regular in Isaarn, this time with a post of Udon Thani's night market, well worth checking out, first of all I love (night) markets in the LOS and Udon is a great city on top of that as well.

Boonsong, the new kid on the bloggers block likes screamers and thinks that males make the most noise.

Andy has two great blogs, one about all provincial and legal news, a most interesting blog and he writes about a frustrating mission impossible of finding museum brochures and his other blog is about a lesser or unseen Thailand and he really knows how to find those unseen spots, like this museum in Yannawa.

Jamie in Phuket has the real inside info on Thailand's biggest island (is it still really an island if it's connected by a bridge to the mainland?) where he just did a photo walk with his daughter and he also has one of the other few weather blogs in Thailand, the Phuket version! A true brother in weather crime ;-)

Monique is a Limburger, just like me and is residing on Samui just like me, she's a great photographer however, unlike me. Here's a cool shot of a monk taking care of a dog.

Jungle Girl on Koh Phangan has a touching story about a small and young Burmese girl trying to make a living on Phangan's beaches.

Malcolm is retired in Thailand and claims to love it! Can you believe that! Here's a great post how their little home transformed into their castle in the boonies near Kanchanaburi and the lessons he learned about the local customs. The boonies are called Whang Pho by the way.

Talen has a fantastic blog about Thailand and in this post he talks about the news over one week with interesting stuff about a Thai good looking violinist turning Olympic athlete to the shooting of a new movie in Thailand; the Hangover part 2.

Lawrence lives in the Isaarn metropole of Phana and gives us a recipe of the most important Nam Prik Thai relish, something each Thai should know how to make and now you can try it as well.

Mike of formerly My Thai Friend now blogs under the name of Thailand blogs and has a great post about a fascinating aspect of Thai culture, Thailand's obsession with uniforms; everybody who's got a job probably has a uniform to go with it!

Steve of Thailand Musings fame has an interesting read about Songthaews, the red pick up cabs with the open but covered (DUH?) rears you see all over Thailand. Click on the link to see a picture so it all makes sense again. My father in law on Samui used to have one of these Songthaews.

Ben, our own Thai pirate talks about the harsh realities in Thailand of owning pets and how they can get bitten by poisonous snakes.

Well, I wonder if you made it all the way down here, usually my posts are not so big or long but thanks for dropping by and I hope to be seeing you all again next month.



Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Thanks for all the links. I'm already working my way through them.
Thanks for the Facebook invite and the blog plug too. I'm pleased to have met you.
All the best, Boonsong

Camille said...

Hi Boonsong,

You're welcome and the feeling about meeting is mutual!

Martyn said...

Camille once again thank you for mentioning BTMJ and my markets post.

You seem to have had a bit more rain than most other parts of Thailand during July. That's good news and even better that the deluge came after the sun had gone down.

I really must say Jungle Jill's post touched my heart.

I did make it to the bottom of your post and a pop up box showed up. I'm not too sure if I like those things.

Keep posting and another good review. I'm off to Phuket to read and see Jamie's photo walk.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

Thanks for reading all the way through.

It's a bit of work, going through all the blogs this way but you guys deserve the mention for your hard work.

You mean the pop up box for the comments? I like them a lot! Guess you're stuck with them on my blog. Not too sure all the time about Blogger in general but it's simple and easy and I'm used to it but it's also a lot of work moving a blog around, time that I don't have at the moment.

Andy said...

Thanks for the mention (again), it is good to hear which of my posts have made the most impression, as for most readers the only feedback I have is which pages were visited. And most satisfying is that you chose one article which I tried hard to make not sound too much like a rant even though I was quite frustrated by the incompetence or ignorance of the Bangkok tourist office. I only hope someday one of the responsible parties will discover it and see how much they have to improve.

Camille said...

Hi Andy,

You keep up the good work!

I liked your post and I could see your frustration!

Do you really see an improvement in service happen anywhere soon?

Andy said...

TAT's main office has begun to take the social media more seriously, quite recently there was a meeting between the TAT governor and several Bangkok-based bloggers. They really need to get started in this area, the half-hearted attempts of the last years haven't reached much public notice, as far as I can tell. And supporting a few high-quality bloggers would be much more cost-effective than the 100th TV ad.

Camille said...

Hi Andy,

That's surprising and positive news.

That seems to be a good and smart move by the TAT, maybe somebody there has a clue of what he's doing or at least supposed to be doing ;-)

Andy said...

Here are two reports on that meeting: Richard Barrow and BKK Greg. Just hope they will discover me as well when they start some TAT-blogger cooperation...

Camille said...

Thanks for that Andy, I can only hop for the next meeting to be in Samui!

That'll probably my only shot at being able to be at such a meeting ;-)