Sunday, 25 July 2010

Aftermath of today's storm over Samui

Aftermath of today's storm over Samui

As already reported in my daily weather update earlier today, with a picture of a coconut tree in full wind, today we had a bit of a storm sweeping over Samui.
Yesterday we had a bit of a prelude with a 10 minute freak storm, today the storm lasted well over an hour, closing in on two hours.

Many roads had all kind of debris on the surface, mainly coconut leaves that fell of the trees. A lot of cleaning up on the various was in progress or had already finished.

A couple of up rooted trees were to be admired as well. Too bad this one managed to miss the jet skis in the back ground.

Here's an older but still or there for up rooted tree. Plenty of ugly commercial road signs were blown over here as well.

In Bang Rak this boat has sunk and it's a fairly big one. Most boats took shelter in a different bay, guess some never learn. No boats were beached this time around though, like last year when La Fortune and a few speedboats stranded, almost to the day!

This small boat was sitting just in the middle of the surf and was popping up and down like mad, it just needed a few meters to go in front of the surf to be fine. Phone calls were being made when I took the picture to sort it out.

All in all, Choengmon and Bang Rak seemed to be doing just fine and most people just carried on as usual or were cleaning up. I wonder if there's a lot of damage on the rest of the island.

The weather forecast predicts even stronger winds later today and tomorrow, after Tuesday it eases up again.



Anonymous said...

Wow! This all looks a bit drastic. Very dramatic photos. Thanks for a fascinating report.

All the best, Boonsong

Camille said...

Hi Boonsong,

The damage was marginal but it was a big storm howling over us.

Catherine said...

Striking photos. Nice! I do love a good storm. The crashing, banging, thunder and lightening invigorate my sould. But I never forget those out in the mess of weather.

Camille said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for dropping by.

A good storm can indeed have its moments!

Most of the time I'm glad they're gone though ;-)

albanyjim said...


Have ahouse on Moo 1 in Maenam at foot of the mountain. Any news of the area? In Uk but will be back in December,


albanyjim said...


Have ahouse on Moo1 in Maenam at the foot of the mountain. Any news of maenam?



Camille said...

Hi Jim,

Maenam is doing fine as far as I know. On and off with electricity, like most of the island.