Thursday, 29 July 2010

Coffee shop in Lamai

Coffee shop in Lamai

The coffee is unfortunately closed

Imagine just a small shop that serves basic coffee and lots of different teas and all kind of variations of Thai tea. Well, it's there, in Lamai and to be exactly next to Lamai's Tesco Lotus and one of my favorite Lamai restaurants, the Kao Man Gai Hai Lam restaurant, which is run by relatives of Puu, the Samui born owner of the coffee shop.

After yesterday's start of my Food on Wheels series with a shot of a coffee vendor, I'm back to coffee again today, considering I'm not a big coffee drinker, rather coincidental.

Puu, the owner of the shop is a very nice person and easy to talk with. He worked for a long time as NGO in Trang with marine ecology issues. If you're interested in his place, it's available for rent if you're looking for a shop.

Coffee and all tea is only 20,-THB per cup and is made on the spot in these interesting little boiler machines. Just don't expect any fancy coffee, it's straightforward coffee and comes in one make, tasty and strong however!

The shop has a good atmosphere and feel to it and if you're in Lamai or go shopping in Lotus there, top by and have some Kao Man Gai and a cup of coffee from Puu.

Go there as long as it lasts, before you know it Puu has found somebody who wants to rent his place.



Anonymous said...

This looks really inviting. Interesting post. Thanks.

All the best, Boonsong

Camille said...

Hi Boonsong,

It's a nice place!

Anonymous said...

looks nice, will try it later.