Wednesday 28 July 2010

Food on Wheels; Coffee on the road

Food on Wheels; Coffee on the road

Here's the start of a new series that I would like to introduce; Food on Wheels.

As all regular visitors to Thailand or if you live here, you know that food is never really far away in Thailand. Even in remote areas, somebody will drive by on a bike or sam lor (three wheeler) selling something to eat. Samui is no exception to this and just like the rest of Thailand will present itself with plenty of photo opportunities. Each week I'll try to put a picture up of some kind of food or food related item and they will all have one thing in common, they come on wheels!

Today's entry is near my son's school in Chaweng and is a cute little mini motorbike attached to a sidecar on which coffee is sold and various other drinks, like Thai tea. Amazing from my Western point of view and I love it!

Hope you will enjoy the pictures of this new series.



Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Camille, great picture and looking foward to the rest , I love the food on wheels , most evenings someome will come by the house with food to sell , we try to by as much as we can from them , to show our appreciation for them stopping by and to keep them coming back . keep them coming will send them to grand-kids in the US. Malcolm

Camille said...

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for dropping by!

They'e so convenient, coming literally to your front door!

Mike said...

Camille, you certainly won't run out of subject matter :-) Great idea for a theme, I look forward to viewing some more.

My local favourite is the roti man. What about you?

Camille said...

Hi Mike,

By roti man you mean the pancakes? They're pretty good indeed.

The fruit vendors are high on my list of faves!