Wednesday 14 July 2010

14July, 2010

Today's weather;

A cloudy and grey sky welcomed Samui this morning. Current temp at 7am is 27.9C

Yesterday saw plenty of sunshine all day long, although on our way to the Kila Amphur, we encountered some rain in Lamai. Besides this little bit of drizzle, the rest of the day was dry, sunny and hot. Max temp reached 34.8C



Natasha said...

Hello Camille, I have been really enjoying reading your Blogs, esp the weather! You seem to be the most reliable source for real Koh Samui weather on the whole internet - its very helpful (keep up the good work).

Since you are a dive instructor and are in the ocean a lot - I'm sure you would know a lot about the beaches in Samui. I'm travelling there at the end of July and want to find a top end (4 or 5 star) resort with a really good beach for swimming (I like to do laps). Can you think of a resort on a good beach that also has a big pool (if possible) Some reviewers have said most beaches are not good for swimming & the water is murky compared to phuket, but I'm not sure if these people are right - so I think I can trust your judgement best of all since you live there. It would be good if the hotel is directly on the beach (but not a deal breaker) would like some luxury and nice restaurants near by - good sun lounge area on beach to relax. (Is the flight path something to consider for noise over the resorts?) Is there any jelly fish / stingers in the beach at this time of year? - So Camille if you could suggest a few options and rank them in order for me - then I can research them online and know i have the knowledge of a local who knows what they are talking about.

Many thanks for your advice

Kind Regards


Camille said...

Hi Natasha,

Thanks for reading my blogs, it’s always nice to get feedback.

Regarding the hotels, the price bracket that you mention will cover Santaburi in Maenam;Santaburi in Maenam this hotel has one of the larger pool on the island and is directly located at the beach. Plenty of restaurants are nearby in Maenam itself and/or Bophud / Fishermans Village.

The Santiburi is not as near to all the action as The Library in Chaweng is, this place is very centrally located, they have a very unusual but smallish red pool, but directly located on Chaweng beach and near plenty of restaurants and shops. This place also boosts it's own very good restaurant, you are more than welcome to invite me for a meal there!

Other options may be Napasai in Maenam, my Samui hotel recommendations blog near Santiburi; or X2 in Hua Thanon the latter a fantastic resort with a great pool and on the beach but a bit of a distance away from anything else.

The beaches around Samui are nice and good for swimming but not that great for snorkeling. Regarding jellyfish and stingers, they shouldn’t be at the ebach although it’s difficult to give a 100% guarantee. Usual pre cautions are always recommendable.

It’s starting to get busier right now but I’m not sure how much of a good deal you can get directly from the hotels, internet offers are usually better.

Hope this helps for starters.