Saturday 5 January 2008

Bongoes restaurant, Choengmon

Bongoes Restaurant in Choengmon.

It used to be located on the beach in Choengmon bay and it was a real busy and very good restaurant and a nice place to be. However, as so many places in Samui, their lease ran out and although they're local Samui folk (Chao Samui), they probably couldn't afford the increase in rent and opted to re-open on their own land on the road between Choengmon and Chaweng.

Now they are located coming from Choengmon, leaving the Imperial Boathouse behind you, about 2 or 3 kilometers towards Chaweng, on the corner where there's a shortcut to Plai Laem, just before the rather steep downhill part of the road.

This is how it looks like, coming from Chaweng and the building also serves as their own house. They're also open for breakfast and their menu supports a vegetarian menu, a selection of fairly standard Thai food, but none the less, vegetarian and it's nice to see that they made the effort.

They have a very nice and relaxing outside garden area where you can sit and enjoy the food and drinks.

Their 'special' on the menu is Choo Chee, which Thais like really spicy, so beware! Another very good dish they serve is the sizzling hot dish and their BBQ spare ribs sauteed in honey and white wine is just yummy!

My wife went for a Tuna steak.

As a side dish I had a sour Yam Bunsen Talee, or glass noodles with mixed seafood.

And as piece de resistance tonight I had the Choo Chee Tuna, rather spicy in my view and I build up some form of tolerance over the years but according to my wife it was still too sweet. Go figure! It was really nice nonetheless and I strongly suggest you order a toned down version!

If you fancy a quiet and relaxed night our for dinner in a relaxing atmosphere, it is definitely worth while to check Bongoes out. Since it is a bit out of the way, take a cab or if you have your own wheels, there's plenty of parking about 30 meters down the road towards Choengmon.


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