Sunday 6 January 2008

Clok Lana, Isaan food, Plai Laem

Clok Lana, Isaan food in Plai Laem.

They're almost our neighbours and they serve some awesome Isaan food. Isaan is amongst the poorest part of Thailand and therefor Isaan people migrated all over Thailand, to do the 'dirty' jobs, the other Thais don't like to do and with them they brought their excellent food. Isaan food can be found all over Thailand on pretty much every corner. To find good and well cooked Isaan food, you gotta be lucky and that's what we are with Clok Lana. Pee Nee, the cook, is from Isaan and she cooks awesome.

This is the view of the shop, where today was marked by a special occasion, to celebrate the beginning of the year some Monks were invited for a ceremony and food was served.

Here's a front view of the shop, nothing special but it's great to know for us that they're just a few 100 meters away from our door! This looks like a typical Thai road restaurant, as you can find dozens on each road all over Thailand.

One of the great things they have is BBQ'ed chicken (Kai Yang) or BBQ'ed pork chops (Muu Yang) and BBQ'ed catfish (Plaa Duuk Yang). I prefer the chicken which is served with a very nice spicy sauce (Naam Chim Teaw).

For the event loads of food was cooked, here on view, waiting to be eaten by the participants of the ceremony. Amongst other, Kao Niaow (Sticky Rice), Tom Cruangnai (a soup of intestines, very yummy), Naam Tok, Laab and various sweets.

Here's Pee Nee in action with the 'Clok', the big brown bowl in the middle, what's the shop is named after, that's used for making Papaya salad or the famous Som Tam.

As always, with every ceremony in Thailand, some Monks were invited as well and they chanted for over an hour before the food could be attacked.

When in Plai Laem, and you're hungry and in for some adventurous and spicy food, check out Clok Lana. If you plan to visit Wat Plai Laem and after leaving it on the main road, take a left and after a slight curve in the road, it's after about 400 meters on your right hand, pretty much opposite a road taking off to the left. Easy, isn't it?


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