Tuesday, 22 January 2008

22nd January, 2008

Today's weather in Surat Thani;

It's foggy like there's no tomorrow, we're on the 14th floor of our Surat Thani city hotel (well, outskirts of Surat) and can't see the road. The sun is coming on hard though and soon the fog will disappear. At 7 am the temp is 22 C.

Yesterday was a long day's driving, we started at 9 in Bangkok and traffic was slow there, it took almost an hour to cover the 6 or 7 km's to the expressway.
From there on we had a blue sky all the way down to Surat Thani, 700 km's! We got to Surat around 5.30 am.

Tomorrow we will be back to the regularly scheduled program, folks. Daily updates from the Samui weather and some more stories from our travels, lots of beautiful temple reviews coming up.

Hope you enjoyed my travel tales a bit.



Anonymous said...

Hi....been meaning to leave a comment for a while...so here it is. I've been living vicariously through your blog. I have a girlfriend in Chaweng and I've been away for a year this stretch. Your blog has been a great addition to the conversations I have with Joy. The blog is fantastic with the restaurant and temple pics and reviews. Every night when I get home from work I check your blog. Will be checking out some of the sites you review when I get back back in March. Nice truck by the way...take care...Gary

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Gary,

Thanks! Always good to see that people enjoy my blog.

As from tomorrow things will be more Samui related again, although a few travel stories will still pop up.

The car is great!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Camille! Ik dacht dat ik maar een paar dagen niet op je log had gekeken, maar de tijd gaat blijkbaar snel! Wat een gave reis heb je achter de rug. Dat zijn allemaal plaatsen die wij ook graag zouden bezoeken, zal maar niks tegen mijn man zeggen, want dan begint ie weer aan mijn kop te zeuren! ;) Proficiat met je nieuwe auto en veel plezier (die is meteen goed ingereden :)) Groetjes, Monique

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Had geen tijd om bij jou te kijken maar zal dat snel inhalen!

Was een hele leuke trip en er komen nog wel een paar verhaaltjes.

De auto is hartstikke gaaf!