Saturday, 19 January 2008

Day 9, on the road again, from Sakhon Nakhon to Korat, going home

Day 9, on the road again, from Sakhon Nakhon to Korat, going home

Two days ago (already!) was a busy day and we started early. After a bleak breakfast at the Karin hotel in Udon (we had to change hotels since we checked out of the nice hotel and that was solidly booked for a week) we headed off to the Ford outlet to pick up our new car. Unfortunately I didn’t have any internet access yesterday, so here’s my update now.

With a bit of sadness in our hearts we said goodbye to out Ranger Hi Rider and waited for the new Everest to show up.

At 9.09 am my wife drove out of the garage and everybody was happy. All of a sudden we have plenty of space in the car, in the backseats and for our luggage.

We continued on to Sakhon Nakhon and on the way and in Sakhon we visited various temples and a museum, which I will all introduce to you at a later time.
Sakhon is a nice city and we had some lovely dinner last night at a Suki Lao place.

Today we got back to Korat, on the way back home again.

First we were off to see the King’s Palace which he uses whenever he’s in Isaan and we were lucky once more, that Kob and Chot know so many people around here and we were allowed to see the actual palace together with one of the people who works there and who allowed us to take pictures of the actual house/palace, another privilege. Pix soon to come!

Than we were off to Khon Kaen through the mountains, a very nice drive and on to Korat again. This time we checked in to the Sabai hotel, not easy to find but well worth it. Another great tip by Kob and Chot!

Catch you later.


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