Monday, 21 January 2008

21st January, 2008 Bangkok

Today's weather;

A blue sky reigns over Bangkok and it's already 23C at 7 am.

Yesterday we left Korat and before we hit the road, we went to see a statue of Thao Suranaree or Ya Moh.

She's a well known woman, all over Thailand and famous for her heroic battles to save the city of Korat.

On the way to Bangkok we passed an amazing Farm, Farm Chokchai.

It's rather amazing since Thais are not really well known for drinking milk, but not only do these folks at Chockchai have a diary farm, they promote it really well.

Next to the highway are two merchandise outlets and you can buy all kinds of milk, like yogurt etc in different shops. They also have s steakhouse and camping and you know it. A tour of the farm takes 2 and a half hours, for which we unfortunately didn't have time, next time!

If on the road around Saraburi, stop and visit!

In Bangkok we stayed another night at the excellent Legacy Suites again.

Today we're on the road for Surat Thani city and tomorrow over to Samui, back home!


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