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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Samui declared disaster zone after heavy rain

Samui declared disaster zone after heavy rain

It's all over the Thai TV news and in the local papers;

SURAT THANI: -- Heavy rain and flooding on the popular Gulf of Thailand tourist destination of Samui island are still severe and the island's airport has suspended operations.

Heavy downpours are continuing in the province for the third consecutive day.

Flood levels in some parts of the commercial centre and tourist sites on Samui are as high as one metre. Some roads have been cut off.

Samui airport suspended service Thursday morning due to heavy rain, and more than 1,000 travellers have been left stranded.

Meanwhile, ferry services to Samui island still operate as usual but the numberof cars being carried has dropped by half due to the bad weather conditions, according to an official at the waterfront.

--TNA 2007-11-08

KOH SAMUI: -- Samui island is declared disaster zone on Thursday after it was hit by heavy rain the night before.

The rain caused flood in several locations.

Water level on the main road is at 30 centimetre high.

Hundreds of tourists are left stranded as weather condition prevented aircrafts from taking off since late Wednesday.

Authorities are trying to pump water into river to alleviate the problem and prevent further flooding if rain comes again.

Surat Thani provincial office sent 170 soldiers into the island to assist locals and tourists.

-- Bangkok Post 2007-11-08


Lim said...

Hi Camille

Just saw the news, seems like a real disaster over samui. Me and my fiancee are actually due to fly there from SG tomorrow evening heading to imperial resort.

We are pretty much in a dilemma now as to what we should do having already paid the vacation.

You think we should abandon ship or still proceed?

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Lim,

That's a tough decision.

The rain should ease up, starting tomorrow, but it won't be sunny all of a sudden, I'm afraid.
It'll take a few days to sort out the current situation.

Both the Imperial Boathouse and Imperial Chaweng are very nice resorts, so if you decide to come over, be prepared to do some alternative things compared to lounging on the beach.

Good luck with your decision.

Lim said...

Wow! that was fast response Camille. Thanks and appreciate much!

Well, I think what worries us most is being stranded on flight as the news put it... according to webiste, seems like the samui bound flight from SG 8pm today will be scheduled to arrive 5am!

Next would be what alternative activities we can do over there amidst the flood situation if we want to bite the bullet and proceed to make the best out of the sitution there.

Nevertheless, we will check with out travel agent tomorrow. Once again thanks alot for your comments. Cheers!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Lim,

Glad I can be of help.

Hope everything will work out and you will still enjoy your stay here.

There are bowling alleys, a movie theatre, two shopping malls....take your pick ;-)

Good luck!

LinT said...

Hi Camille,

As like Lim, I'm actually due to fly over there tomorrow evening too From Sg.

Is the Amari Palm Reef any good? (Just curious, should we decide to go ahead.)

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Lin,

The Amari is a fantastic place. One of the better hotels in Chaweng and located at a 'drier' part of Chaweng, towards the northern end where the flooding isn't as bad.

Prego, the Italian restaurant is part of Amari and a recommended restaurant.