Sunday 18 November 2007

The Picnic Basket, Bang Rak

The Picnic Basket in Bang Rak,

Is located next to the local Samui Recompression Chamber in Bang Rak and that is the reason why I visit it sometimes. Since I use the classroom in the Recompression Chamber's complex on a regular base, once in a while we end up at the Picnic Basket for lunch, like last Friday when I conducted an EFR Instructor course at the Chamber's classroom.

The Picnic Basket is heavily frequented by local expats, mainly English ones. It's run by a Scottish expat named Paul.

The place has a bit of a hole in the wall feel to it, the way it is set up, but this does not reflect on the food.

They have an extensive menu, with typical English food like pies and mash'n'bangers but have also Thai food. Although I must admit, it's not my favourite style of food, the food is decent in here, the amount of visitors tell me so. Paul must be doing something right.

My order was a baked potato with Chili con Carne and it was a nice and big potato with plenty of Chili on top.


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