Friday 9 November 2007

The pressure is momentarily off......

Just come back from a trip to Lamai and it seems that pressure is momentarily off.....

Especially considering that for the next coming days no hard rain is predicted. It hasn't rained hard since yesterday afternoon. The water on the roads seems to be easing up.

This is a picture taken in Bophud, which shows a classical Samui problem, Construction is/has been going on and no thought has been put into how the excess monsoon water can go away. The natural openings to the beach have been closed down by construction (houses, walls. etc) and the water has no way to escape, especially a big problem in certain parts of Chaweng.

In Lamai, this road sign is still in the middle of the road, warning about blocked roads. This part of the ring road was blocked off indeed and as you can see below, Lamai is currently the proud owner of the worst flooded part of the ring road today!

This picture shows how bad it still is at a small stretch of road, just before the first turn off into Lamai. It must've been really bad here yesterday, looking at the height of the water.

In general it seems that water has receded off the roads, except for a few isolated spots around the island.

We took the opportunity to eat in our fave Kao Man Gai restaurant in Lamai.

Here's a funny side effect of the flooding. It seems that a lot of cars lost their license plate at this previously flooded red light crossing in Bophud, come and have a look if yours is in there! TIT (This is Thailand!)

Next to plates is one of the pumps that are working non stop around the island.

Relax folks, things are going back to normal. There's no wind, the beach is flat like a mirror and the sun tried to come through for a second, but isn't strong enough yet!



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear its getting better!

The construction problem is here in Phuket - did you see this...

Landslide in Patong

Hope you get some sun soon!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Jamie,

We have stars tonight!

Saw that picture already on your blog and quite honestly, it's just an accident waiting to happen on Samui, IMHO.