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Monday, 12 November 2007

The damage done

There's some serious structural damage around the island.

Here's some pix that show the situation at our daughters school, and it's the worst damage that I've personally witnessed.

On the road in front of the school entrance, opposite where the new university is being build, constructions were underway to build a new water disposal system. During the whole month of October, it seemed that almost nothing has been accomplished by the constructors/contractors, although they must've been full aware of the pending rainy season. As if they haven't lived here long enough.......

Result is that the structure collapsed by the massive amount of waters and worse, under the public road, the sand has been washed away, creating voids. Have a look at other pictures, it will explain itself.

This is the river created by the water coming off the mountain at the other side of the road and since this was the only way down, water must've come from various ends to join the party, consequently to flood the playground in front of the school knee high.

Here you can see how the space below the actual road has been hollowed out, although traffic is still allowed to continue. As warning signs small iron bars with a flag are used.

This is a common problem on many of Samui roads, where the road just collapsed at the sides, since the ground (sand only) is washed away. Many dangerous pot holes have been created all over the island.

Here's a better view of the hollowed out spaces.

We decided against having our daughter going to school, since it was relatively easy now to drop her off since we arrived rather late, but once come pick up time, it must turn into complete and utter chaos, since there's only parking space for about 5 or 6 cars at a time in front of the school and knowing the parking capabilities of fellow parents at the school, it's just not worth it. It may be worthwhile just jutting over to see the chaos develop -;) I'm surprised the school is open at all under these conditions.


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