Monday 19 November 2007

Buddha Chedi Laem Sor, part 1

Part of our trip last Saterday included a visit to the Buddha Chedi Laem Sor.

In all of my 8 years, I never visited here, as a few other places we visited that day, like Wat Kiri Wongkaram and the Natural museum in Lamai. The main reason being that they're quite far away from the North Eastern part of the island where my family and me live. However, all the sites and temples we visited, are well worth to visit again and this also counts for Buddha Chedi Laem Sor.

As this map tells, there's a lot to be seen here. This part is only about the Chedi or Pagoda. There's a temple here as well, beautifully located in the woods/jungle, similar to Wat Suanthamma at the Hin Lad waterfalls in Nathon. I will post about the temple at a later date and there's another Pagoda nearby build on a mountain, which we couldn't visit this time around due to the weather conditions and the road up the mountain not being safe right now.

Here's a picture of the Pagoda. It's re-construction is almost finished, marble plates are still being placed around the floor at his moment. Next year, there will be a 100 year memorial celebration for and at this place, definitely something to look forward to.

The Pagoda is covered in small yellow tiles which makes it look like it's made of gold from a distance. This optical illusion probably works better when it's nice and sunny!

A closer look on the Pagoda and it's two guards also known as 'Yak'.

Not far away from the Pagoda, is a small building which houses a boat. It's possibly just 200 meters away from the Pagoda. The story as far as I could gather so far is that a monk from Surat Thani had to flee Surat Thani during the World War II area and sailed all the way to Samui in this boat and arrived at this spot all alone.

It's finally a picture which makes me happy with the reflection of the window, since it looks like the boat is back into the water, at least half way.

The same building from a bit of distance, with the Monks boat clearly displayed.

All in all this is a very nice place to visit, quiet and relaxed and various things to explore in real close vicinity, the Pagoda, the Temple and another Pagoda up on the hill, something I have to get back for myself.

There's also a 2nd part now to read.



Anonymous said...

Prachtig plekje is dit! Nou moet ik binnenkort daar ook weer eens naar toe, want de bouw van die tweede pagode is me helemaal ontgaan :) Daar de weerspiegeling van het raam, lijkt 't inderdaad of de boot in het water ligt. Mooie foto's, zon of geen zon!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Ja, 't is echt mooi daar, zeker de moeite waard. De tweede pagoda ligt boven op een berg, dus effe wachten tot het goed weer is ivm slecht begaanbare weg.

De foto met de weerspiegeling ben ik ook erg blij mee, voor het eerst dat de weerspiegeling in mijn voorbeeld werkt!