Thursday 15 November 2007

Loy Kratong coming up

Attention shoppers in aisle 5, Loy Kratong is coming up later this month.

Recently I've been getting a lot of requests about the weather situation on 24th November when the Full Moon party is supposed to be.

Right now, it'll be difficult to predict any weather for that period but what I find a lot more interesting personally, is that this will be the Loy Kratong day. It's day celebrated throughout Thailand and surely something not to be missed. For all Full Moon party goers, peek into the local temples to see what's going on, on Samui, the main event each year takes place at Big Buddha itself, since it's surrounded by water, however, they charge around 150,-Baht to enter the Big Buddha area and since Chaweng is the proud owner of a lake, a lot of people ended up going to the entrance free lake in Chaweng.

The Temple at Big Buddha will have a traditional beauty contest and dancing by the children of the local school.

Water is needed to have your Kratong (little rafts) float away, like shown on the picture.

Traditionally the actual Full Moon party will be held on 25th November and not on the actual Full Moon day, since that's considered a Holy day in Thailand, hence 10 out of 12 FM parties take place a day after the Full Moon.

Hope you all will or can be around on the 24th to enjoy the Loy Kratong party.


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