Friday 21 October 2016

Box jellyfish on Chaweng Beach

Box jellyfish on Chaweng Beach

This recent Monday this beautiful but very dangerous species of a Morbakka box jelly fish species was caught on Chaweng beach in around 80 cm of water. Potentially this species can even be lethal.

A day later two more samples of the same Morbakka box jelly fish species were caught again at the middle of Chaweng Beach.

Box jellyfish on Chaweng Beach

Box jellyfish on Chaweng Beach; Morbakka box jelly fish

The box jelly fish season is not over yet and caution is urged when swimming at the Koh Samui beaches, especially at the East and Northern beaches. The season typically runs from August to December or January. However, that doesn't mean that outside of the 'season', there will be no box jelly fish around. Chances of an encounter are already very low but are even lower out of season.

Box jellyfish on Chaweng Beach

Box jellyfish on Chaweng Beach; Morbakka box jelly fish

Most of the hotels around Koh Samui now have awareness and prevention measures in place. As already mentioned, chances of being stung are low but it's good to be aware and know what to do in the unlikely event you witness a box jelly fish incident.

At Lamai beach there are now beach and life guards located and all other beaches should have warning signs erected and hotels and resorts should have vinegar stations on the beaches with plenty of vinegar back up. There's a very pro-active attitude among the hotels and local government on Koh Samui, of which I regularly made updates and posts on this and my dive blog.

In case of a box jelly fish sting, be aware of the following guidelines;

-make sure that the rescuer is safe from toxic jelly jellyfish

-bring the injured person out of the sea to a safe place (like the beach or boat)

-call for help or call 1669. Stay with the injured person because they can become unconscious within minutes

-calm down the injured person, to prevent more toxic stingers from firing off


-check for live signs, if needed give CPR (when unconscious) and treat the affected body parts with plenty of vinegar (DO NOT USE FRESH WATER)

If no vinegar is available, use soft drinks.

This post is to help you to be aware when you witness a box jelly fish incident. Help your self by wearing stinger suits or full body protective clothing.

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Sonja said...

Dear Camille,
Thanks for your informative blog.
We will visit the north of koh samui and mainly west of koh phangan in july (first 3 weeks). We will travel with our three small kids (1, 4 and 7). Now that we know of the box jellyfish we decided to wear stinger suits. Do you know these: ? They seem nice as they are light and thin. Unfortunately there are none for our youngest kid (15 months then). Do you have recommendations there? And do you think that there will be more nets on the beaches (for now lamai, chaweng and hat rin, right?)
Thanks and bye

Camille said...

Hi Sonja,
Thanks for getting in touch. Although I don't know that specific company, stingersuits are in general light weight and thin. It's all you need for proper protection.
On Samui you can get rash vests for 15 month olds, not too sure about pants though.