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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Welcome to October 2016

Welcome to October 2016

Here at the Koh Samui info and weather we say 'Welcome to October 2016' for new new version of this month and the tenth recorded October on my blog.

October is a bit of a strange month! The weather can swing both ways, with a lucky year we can have nice and sunny weather, but since this month is so close to the start of the rainy or monsoon season in November, often times we are not so 'lucky' and have actually rather wet October months. Last year was not such a great weather month, with lots of rain but the start of this month looks very promising.

In general Koh Samui needs rain, since the water reservoirs have dried up and some parts of the island, including Plai Laem where we live, are experiencing water shortages and the local governments water pipe lines can't provide enough water to the population. Luckily enough we have a water well behind our house that hasn't let us down yet!

Welcome to October 2016

A lovely drone shot of Big Buddha on Koh Farn, always worth a visit when being on Koh Samui, a real land mark on the island

Almost half of this month I will be on Phuket and possibly at the end of the month I may be back there again as well, pending on work. 

This month will see the 3rd edition of the Mad Hatters run, exactly in a period when I'm back on Koh Samui, Sunday 16th October, with start and finish at Fisherman's Wharf, I'm planning on running the 5km distance, just like last year. however, this year not because I'm coming back from injury but rather because that same day, in the evening at 6pm, I will be running the Full Moon marathon on Koh Phangan.
Don't forget to visit the Samui Green market tomorrow at Elysia Boutique resort in Fisherman's Village, start around 3pm!

Am looking forward to this month, hope to see you drop by here and hope you enjoy your stay on Koh Samui if you're visiting.

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