Tuesday 30 July 2013

Thailand has the worst the worst traffic safety record of any major country in the world .

The string of bad and shocking news coming from Thailand recently just doesn't seem to stop.

A recent global study has revealed another world record was achieved by Thailand last year. Thailand has the worst traffic safety record of any major country in the world, as reported by the Bangkok Post today.
What is really shocking is the knowledge that those numbers are way off, the situation is worse than reported. If a person involved in an accident dies at a later time, like in a hospital, they are not counted.

Motorbike accident on Koh Samui

A motorbike accident last week on Koh Samui, causing a one hour traffic jam to both ends of the road, luckily nobody died in this accident

Having just written about road safety in Thailand, this article doesn't come as a big surprise but it's shocking nonetheless!

Having lived now on Koh Samui for almost 14 years, the first couple of years I didn't see any accidents, let alone bodies, although I heard many (sometimes grueling stories) but the last couple of years I've seen an increase in road accidents, seen bodies and hear the ambulances almost on a daily base passing our house. Even in front of our house, a few meters to the left in a slight curve, a few people have died this year and in previous years.
It's bloody dangerous out there and Samui, Pattaya and Phuket rank among the more dangerous places in the country.
Unconfirmed (but fairly reliable) sources say that on Samui twice as many people die per year in road accidents compared to the Netherlands. That's just on Samui!
To top this off, I have a handful acquaintances and friends that died in road accidents over the span of those 14 years, let alone the amount of people that I personally know that had serious accidents.

Be careful out there when you decide to participate in Thai traffic: use common sense and don't try to manage or learn how to ride a bike in Thailand and drive defensively!

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