Monday 22 July 2013

One police officer killed and one seriously injured in Chaweng

Saturday morning, 20th July, around 8am, police were called to the PTT in Chaweng Lake Road responding to reports of a man acting erratically. Two Officers responded and one confronted the suspect attempting to talk him down. The suspect then stabbed the officer and grabbed his 9mm weapon and shot the officer three times in the head killing him instantly. The suspect then proceeded to shoot seven further rounds into the surrounding area, luckily not injuring anyone. The suspect then attempted to escape by running back to his house. In the process he discarded the gun, roughly 30meters from the PTT. The second officer set off after the suspect on foot and, in a altercation with the suspect, was stabbed in his chest. The officer is currently in ICU at Thai International Hospital. The suspect was arrested shortly after at his residence by officers. 
Source Samuitimes

Due to me participating in the Koh Phangan Full Moon marathon over the weekend, I didn't have time to report about this until now.

PTT gas station in Chaweng as a crime scene

PTT gas station in Chaweng as a crime scene

The person causing the trouble was under the influence of Ya Baa, a methyl amphetamine based drug. A very graphic video of the shooting can be seen here, caught by the gas stations cctv recorders, it's very graphic indeed and only watch it if you can deal with it's contents.

On the video, the suspect can also be seen being loaded onto a truck, supposedly he's part of a local family running a jetski operation and he can be seen wai-ing his father and uncle, asking for forgiveness when they load him onto the truck for going with him to the police station.

A very sad event where people were unnecessarily killed, the police officer was father of two young children. The other office was stabbed and shot and is still fighting for his life in hospital. One ore more bystanders weere also injured.
More information can also be found in this Bangkok Post article.

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Steve Coell said...

Hi Camille, terrible tragedy at the petrol station, how bad is that drug??? No excuse, he should rot in hell. I have been trying to find out how the second police officer is getting on but no news on the net.
Keep up the good work.
Steve Coell

Camille said...

The last thing I know about the 2nd police officer, is that he was transferred to Bangkok. I assume he's still alive.
Ya Baa is unfortunately very bad news and is widespread in the SE Asian countries here. Thailand and it's neighbors all suffer from the effects of this drug.