Sunday 1 January 2012

Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai, an update

Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai, an update

Business for Sabeinglae is doing really good. They opened up a second restaurant in Chaweng but according to my wife this 2nd restaurant doesn't meet the same standard as the Lamai counterpart. After my 2008 review, we've been here plenty of times and every time it was a feast for the taste buds.

The 'new' entrance

Yesterday we went for our last dinner of 2011 to Sabeinglae in Lamai and although the place was packed, we had our food, about 8 dishes, within 10 or 15 minutes on our table. Hats off to being so organized. On top of that, the food tasted great!

Jumbo shrimps or prawns in tamarind sauce

The food we order is always of great quality and tastes awesome, although I understand that each persons taste buds work differently. Whatever may taste good for me doesn't necessarily taste as good for somebody else and there are a few dishes on the menu that we don't think taste that great. A matter of trial and error and those dishes we simply don't order anymore.

Crab with curry powder

One thing I can highly recommend is the signature salad, it's spicy but well worth trying in my opinion. One of the best dishes on their menu must be the 'prawns in tamarind sauce', an absolute cracker in taste and the prawns are massive. Yesterday they went at about 110,-THB per prawn but well wroth it, we ordered 7 of them!

This restaurant is popular with both Thais and Westerners and I can only recommend going there during your stay on Samui, they open early so lunch or dinner are both possible or rather, options.

The new water basins for the fresh fish and crabs

One of the good things is that they now have parking space opposite the entrance, it was always a nightmare to park here, luckily that has been solved now.

During the recent March floods around Samui, the beach part of the restaurant was almost wiped away. It has now been rebuild and looks like a concrete monster unfortunately but it looks now as if it can withstand a bit more than the recent floods!

This shouldn't stop you from visiting though. Go and enjoy, for reservations call 077 233 082



B.Karen Goh MM said...

Hi again! (I wrote a comment b4 Christmas asking you about snorkelling sites in Samui.) We stayed Rocky's Resort, which was just a short distance away from this restaurant, and we had our meals there a couple of times. The food's good and reasonably priced as well. We also tried the one at Chaweng. Becos we had kids with us, we weren't too adventurous in our selection, but the food was good nevertheless :) and the kids enjoyed it. The waves were freakily wild on 26th Dec but fortunately weather improved on subsequent days and we enjoyed ourselves with elephant trekking and canopy adventure. We managed a boat trip out to Ang Thong Marine Park as trips to Koh Tao were cancelled due to sea conditions. I found the waters too cold for my liking and the snorkelling wasn't too great as well. Too bad the weather wasn't too good this year, but we had a good time all the same! :)

Camille said...

Hi Karen,

Good to hear that you had a good time, despite the not so great weather. The water is slightly colder than usual due to the lack of sunshine since a few weeks and snorkeling is indeed not that great around Samui.
Hope you can make it back one day with good conditions!
Sabeinglae rocks in my opinion!