Thursday 19 January 2012

Food on Wheels; More eye tim or ice cream

Food on Wheels; More eye tim or ice cream

A few posts in this Food on Wheels series have already been dedicated on what the Thai people call 'eye tim' and us Westerners rather know as ice cream. Going through my photo files, I found a few more 'eye tim' related pictures and thought that they might make a good entry for this month.

The upgrade; the ice cream rather than the usual motorbike

During our son's recent 'Children's day' at his school, rather than the typical ice cream motorbike, as pictures are shown below, this ice cream car showed up at the school premises. A serious upgrade! Also a clear sign that there must be the opportunity to make some 'serious' money with selling ice cream, at least serious enough to be able to afford a car.

The ice cream menu

What remains a mystery to me, is the Thai fondness of ice cream in a bun! The menu is listed at the side of the car and you can't overlook the bun! What I also find worthwhile pointing out, is the way the ice cream vendor has a tiny little chair set up where she can sit all the time when she sells her goodies. I can't start to imagine how cramped I would feel after just a few minuted of sitting there!

A more traditional motorbike ice cream vendor

The picture above shows the more traditional motorbike ice cream vendor. Interesting to note are the soda bottles at the front of the bike, a nice little side income potential for the vendor.

More motorbike vendors

This vendor was spotted at the waterfall near Hua Thanon, surrounded by people wanting a scoop.


Above are some common ingredients to add to your ice cream. First of all, bottom right, the buns! Next to it is sticky rice, that is either added to your ice cream bun or to your ice cream in general! On the bottom left is fruit. The yellow stuff on top is soy bean. This all adds to the overall 'eye tim' experience.

If you see an ice cream vendor around Samui roads, stop them and get a portion, it's cheap, refreshing and worthwhile exploring and finding out about!


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