Thursday 12 January 2012

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng

Back in February 2008 I started to blog for the first about the Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng, although back in these days I didn't know that it had this name!

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng
Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng; Almost at the end of the stairs

The last time I posted about the pagoda or Chedi in Thai was when the opening ceremony was conducted in April 2009. In-between the first and the last post I almost had a bi monthly update on the progress of the construction of the pagoda, which delivered a few nice pictures. If you start at the April 2009 post, there's a link in each post to the previous post, a kind of a trail to follow!

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng
Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng; A new sign at the bottom of the stairs

Since the opening ceremony I haven't been back and today I was running some errands in the car, with my daughter who was enjoying a day off from school, when we drove by and I decided to have another look.

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng
Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng; Buddha's (Indian) foot print

It rather surprised how busy and nice it looked now. It was all barren and very much looking like a construction site the first times I visited but now it turned into a busy tourist attraction, it seems.

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng
Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng; A small shrine next to the pagoda

There were plenty of people checking the place out, Korean, Thai, Westerners, backpackers, from all walks of life it seemed. It was a bit strange though to see it now in full glory and function, after having it seen put together bit by bit in a slow moving progress and process.

The foot print was just a slab of concrete, the upstairs room is now showing off a glass casket with a Buddha image inside (unfortunately the glass reflected badly on my picture) and all around the surroundings were nicely maintained.

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng
Khao Hua Jook Pagoda, Chaweng; The stairs up and down to the pagoda

Even the stairs look nice now, with all the little seats, donated by the various Samui local people and businesses. As you can see, the views are still spectacular and it's well worth a visit.
The entrance is still opposite the Lake view party area, not too difficult to find, near the round about at the lake road, head north to the traffic lights. it will be on your right side hand.

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