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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 25th October, 2011

Today's weather;

The sky over Koh Samui is looking great again today, almost a perfect blue with hardly any clouds in it at the moment, although the forecast predicts plenty of rain today and clouds are moving in half an hour after the initial post! It looks like another hot day is coming up. Current temp at 7am is 27.3C

The forecast is showing that a lot more rain is coming our way during the next 7 days although next weekend is supposed to be a sunny affair as predicted at this moment.
Bottled drinking water seems to be completely out of stock around the island at all major shopping malls and 7-11's and their neighboring Family Marts due to a lack of supply.
In Bangkok the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority has urged Bangkok residents to store tap water for use during the flood crisis.

Yesterday saw a beautiful and sunny day with a nice blue sly all day long around Koh Samui. Max temp reached 31.2C

Diving is currently excellent and since a good week there has almost been daily sightings of a whale shark at Sail Rock. Not for me though, tomorrow another IDC on Koh Samui will kick off.

Bophud beach last week

While the flood situation in Bangkok remained relatively stable over the weekend, the capital faces the threat of deluge from two huge masses of water northeast of the city over coming days, a senior Royal Irrigation Department official warned yesterday. The mega wave! A good thing is that it hasn't rained in Bangkok during the last couple of days. Richard Barrow updates his blogs constantly with news about the floods.

Here's a first hand account of an evacuation though, quite scary! Especially the lack of information handed out. The FROC is seemingly incapable of dealing with the situation and doesn't use the new IT technology available in sharp contrast to a non governmental organisation named

Theme parks, like Dreamworld are also closing their doors and are added to the long and ever growing list of companies that suffer from the flood.



Ville said...

Hi !

You just wrote that Koh Samui is running out of fresh water.

Is it really the case that there might be shortage of bottle water within the upcoming days ?

Br, Vile

Camille said...

Hi Ville,

Yes, the whole country has problems with delivery of certain products. On Koh Samui momentarily there seems to be a lack of bottled water and diapers for instance. Around the country the problems are much worse.

On Samui there are still easily 20 liter bottles of drinking water available. Today we just had 4 of them delivered! That’s local water and there should be no shortage.

Hope this helps for now.

Ana said...

Hi Camille,

First, I would like to say that your blog has been of great help!! I've been following it closely.

We are arriving in Samui on the 28th (this Friday) and are very worried… I was reading that there is a shortage in supplies, especially mineral water, which worried me a lot since I know the tap water is not drinkable… how serious is the shortage? Is there a supply on the way? How is the general atmosphere on the Island?
I am thinking on canceling our trip (although am very bummed about it since I have been waiting for this for a long time and love Samui), what are your thoughts, recommendations? Would you advise canceling the trip? Would very much appreciate it since you are there and have the best feeling of what's happening…

Thank you!

Camille said...

Hi Ana,

Thanks for checking out my blog and for getting in touch.

Right now there are shortages around Thailand, not only on Samui. All major distribution centers are flooded and especially bottled water is hard to come by. However, on Samui there's water delivery service that delivers 20 liter bottles of water, you pay a 100,-THB deposit and off you go, easy peasy. This water originates on Samui so it's unlikely that there will be shortage of this water soon.
Especially big chains like Tesco Lotus, Big C and Makro have more and more empty shells but it's still not anywhere near like it is around Bangkok.

Right now the mood on the island is fine, nobody seems to be overly worried about the floods. If you're planning to visit Samui soon, there's no need to change your plans.

Hope this helps for now.