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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Samui Residents to Bid for New Airport in Monopoly Challenge

Samui Residents to Bid for New Airport in Monopoly Challenge

Another chapter has been added in the ongoing battle against Bangkok Airways monopoly at the Samui airport. This time around a group of 'Samui residents in the industry', the industry being most likely the tourist industry, are about to apply to the Transport Department in Bangkok for a licence for the airport, on a large holding of land close to the existing Don Sak ferry in mainland Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

''The residents are taking action because of lack of change,'' the article in the Phuket Wan magazine mentions. ''The current arrangement suits Bangkok Airways, and nobody else.''

Bangkok Airways not only imposes high landing fees on aircraft arriving on Samui, it also has turned down requests to lengthen the existing runway. As well, Bangkok Airways controls the taxis that take passengers from the airport all over the island.

It's an interesting development to follow. My earlier point of view was that back in the days Bangkok Airways made the initial investment in the airport on Koh Samui and took the financial risk and was entitled to make a good profit, because of this.

During the last couple of years my point of view has drastically changed and I agree with the view that it's now only benefiting Bangkok Airways and nobody else anymore.

The following statement is also very disturbing, if true; ''Bangkok Airways' fares for the high season to Samui are going to rise by 55 percent,'' Senator Thanyarat said. ''It is not difficult to see why residents in the industry are looking for alternatives.''
I agree, it's not difficult at all to see why residents look for alternatives. I'll keep you updated.



Bernd said...

Hi Camille,

really nice blog, good to read and useful daily information, what really is going on there.

well, I am thinking about a short trip to USM the next days, just for relaxing and hanging around, drinking some Sing, maybe heading for Phangan.

Would you recommend a trip to the Gulf right now? try to be honest :-) I am asking, ´cause I don't want to get wet every day (every other day would be fine).

Thanks for your kind advice.

coming from Austria.



Camille said...

The forecast for next week is looking very good right now with plenty of sunshine.

Connie said...

Hey Camille, die foto heb je vast niet genomen omdat het zon mooi toestel is....
gr Connie

Camille said...

Hoi Connie'
Is 'gewoon' een bangkok Air' toestel, toch!

fredic said...

well as a traveler, I am also interested in seeing some alternatives rather than Bangkok air. I love Samui except for the way of in/out.

Camille said...


You're not the only one!

Bernd said...

Hey Camille,

thanks for your prediction a few days ago. I just came back from my 10-days-trip to Ko Phangan only.

You were absolutely right concerning the "real" weather. You are my personal hero of the month.

Keep on rockin'


Camille said...

Hi Bernd,

Good to hear from and I'm happy that I could be of help!