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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Floods on Koh Samui October 2011, what floods?

Floods on Koh Samui October 2011, what floods?

Right now I'm receiving plenty of inquiries about the current situation on Koh Samui and I can assure everybody that right now all is just very fine on our lovely island! The forecast for the next 7 days is also looking just great, please check Windguru for a a preview for next weeks weather prediction.

Big Buddha this morning, bathing in sunlight

Samui's skies are a nice mix of some clouds with blue spots in them and all day long the percentages change and drift in and out of favor for either the clouds or the blue sky.
Some rain can or may be expected but nothing compared to the rest or rather the North and North East of Thailand.

View over Koh Phangan over a flat ocean without waves

The situation in Ayuthaya, Nakhon Sawan and the Eastern part of the city of Bangkok are critical though and the floods have claimed over 280 death already, in Thailand alone.

Wat Plai Laem this morning

We can only hope that everything remains the way it is right now around Samui and that there won't be a third flood scenario on the island within a year, November last year and late March/early April this year were enough as it is! The official rainy season is still to start somewhere in November and that's all we need, really!

Don't be afraid to visit Koh Samui right now, for the next 7 days the forecast looks great with hardly any rain and plenty of sunshine.

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