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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Food on Wheels, Tub Tim or pomegranate on Bangkok's streets

Food on Wheels, Tub Tim or pomegranate on Bangkok's streets

This month's edition of Food on Wheels brings us to the streets of Bangkok, no big surprise there considering I spend about a week there recently. Despite all the great photo opportunities there, I actually made disappointingly few food on wheels related pictures, I have to admit

The three wheeler with the tub tim

This three wheeler I spotted on Sukhumvit Soi 22 and the only thing the vendor was selling was tub tim ทับทิม or pomegranate, a fruit that is available all year round in Thailand.

The front of the three wheeler or saam lor puang

The vendor has all he needs stored underneath his main basket, a simple water bottle for if he gets thirsty or needs to sprinkle the fruit and an umbrella protecting him and the fruit against rain or sunshine.

Tub tim or pomgranate

It's amazing to see that somebody can make a living by selling just one fruit. Hard to imagine how one can get by on such an income. The tub tim seemed to be popular though since he sold a few fruits along the way when I was observing his antics.


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