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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Goodbye to October 2010

Goodbye to October 2010

It's that time of the month again! October 2010 is almost done and over with and it's a good moment to have a look back at this month.

The weather was interesting, there was some decent rain but there was also plenty of sunshine, what I would call 'a mixed bag'. This in itself is not so strange as during late October it's not unlikely for the monsoon to start. This year we thought we had a very early start since during early October we had some very wet days and it's wet again towards the end.
It looks like this was the wettest month out of the last 3 that I recorded, except maybe for 2007, 2008 and 2009 were very mild months and had nice weather to show for.

This month I participated in a 5km run, organised by Ibis Samui. There was some very strange parking techniques on display early this month. My 'Food on Wheels' series had a few more additions and this one about ice cream in a bun is remarkable.
I also posted a few things about my current stay in Koh Lanta where I'm teaching an IDC. My newly launched diving website was an exciting moment for me this month, have a look and check it out!

On a sad note, my grandmother in law passed away towards the end of this month. She turned 90 years old!

Before I sign off this month, let's a have a quick look at some other bloggers around Thailand;

Rick at Behind the Noodle curtain just moved to Bangkok and is discovering a lot of new things in his new surroundings, amongst others an intriguing post about money trees, to be found all over the country.
Martyn at Beyond the Mango Juice has a great post about the local fire water or Lao Khao.
Mr. Boonsong aka Boonie keeps producing some great posts and pictures on his blog, have a look at his blog and learn some interesting facts about Thai life style and possibly some Thai words as well.
Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon may possibly be one of the strangest blogs about Thailand but a very interesting one with information that you probably wouldn't be bale to find anywhere else. Andy does a great job in keeping us updates about administrative subdivisions of Thailand - history, current news, facts hardly found in English and he's doing this now since 3 years! Congrats Andy and keep up the good work.
He also runs the My unseen Thailand blog and he posted about a great museum; the Nonthaburi Local Museum.
My fellow weather reporter in crime can be found on Phuket and Jamie's Phuket weather blog is a must, after you read mine of course.
The Jungle Life on Koh Phangan writes about the rain that's goes hand in hand during this monsoon heavy month.
Paul Garrigan always has plenty of interesting posts to choose from but this month he wrote about his fear of the Thai educational system and how it will affect his son. Something that hits home to me as well! Excellent post!
Malcolm in Wangpo Tetsaban is still enjoying his retirement and keeps us updated from his neck of the woods. He has a good posts about how the local villagers helped and pitched in for the water flood victims in Thailand.
Talen who just moved to Pattaya goes a little bit outside of the city and writes amongst others about Wat Yansangwararam.
Lawrence in Phana is actually in the UK right now but still manages to blog about Thai related topics and he has a great post about Kathin celebrations in a Devon/UK Temple.
Mike in Prachuap Kirikhan has daily updates and one is about Mao Berry wine and juice, made in Thailand.
Steve is musing over the full name of Bangkok, check it out and be surprised!
Our local Thai pirate talks about palm tree grubs, food I dug out of our garden as well!
Last but not least, Cat at the learning center for the Thai language has amongst others a list of 39 Thai words you must know.

Well if you made it till here and you read just a few of the above mentioned posts, let alone got lost in I don't how many other posts on these blogs, you learned a lot of interesting facts about Thailand and had some great stories to read!

Looking forward to November and your visits next month!



Paul Garrigan said...

Thanks for the mention Camille. You are very inspirational; although you make me feel a bit guilty about not making use of that Open Water PADI course I took nine years ago :-)

Camille said...

Hi Paul,

You're more than welcome. Talking about inspirational, I guess I can only say 'Look who's talking!'

All the best from Samui and I think it's time for a refresher on the diving side of things!

Talen said...

Camille, Thanks as well for the mention.

I've really enjoyed your food on wheels series and look forward to more.

Camille said...

Hi Talen,

Thanks for the mention. Am really caught up right now and will check your blog soon!

There's more food on wheels to come, don't worry!

Catherine said...

Camille, thank you so much for the mention :-) apologies for coming in tardy. Nov/Dec are crazy crazy months for me.

Camille said...

Hi Cat,

No worries, am very busy myself right now and don't have a lot of time to check all the blogs as much as I want!

Thanks for stopping by.