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Saturday, 2 October 2010

IBIS 5 km Fun Run on Koh Samui

IBIS 5 km Fun Run on Koh Samui

This morning at 7am I was running a 5 km run as part of the Samui Trophy which was held afterwards.

It was fun and especially the fact that you were running on the road between Bophud/Fisherman's Village (great feeling running in the old part of the Village) and Bang Rak, a road I travel almost daily.

Yesterday afternoon I signed up at the the Ibis hotel and there were a few merchants selling running and biking gear.

The bikes of the Adventure run participants. In a team you somehow need to overcome a 500 meter swim, a 10 km run, a 30 km bicycle ride and a 5 km kayak! They figure you can do this within 3.30 hrs! Ouch!

Allrighty, my second participants medal within two weeks! After the quarter marathon about two weeks ago now a new one! They're racking up rather quickly.

The next run being talked about is a Four Seasons run in November and January! Hope I'll be here and can participate.



Richard ten Brinke said...

See you running this morning, but i was to fast with my motorbike passing you. Well done.

Camille said...

Hi Richard,

Next time join us ;-)

Richard ten Brinke said...

Wish i could, but with my earlier atempt to do running i had a irritation in my knee, and the advice was given, do go running. To bad, because i liked it also. 10 km was easy.

Camille said...

Too Bad, I'm working my way towards 10 km on a regular base!