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Saturday, 16 October 2010

My up and coming travels

My up and coming travels

Soon I will start travelling around Thailand as part of my work as a PADI Course Director in order to conduct PADI IDC in various locations.
This and next month Koh Lanta and Kao Lak are on the schedule and in early January I will travel to the Philippines and Koh Phangan again.

My question to my readers is if you're interested at all in updates from those locations outside of Koh Samui? I created a poll at the left top of my blog page and would love to see your answers and feel free to answer in form of comments in this post.

An option that I'm considering is to have a local update followed by the daily Samui update, since I will be in touch with home on a daily base and can still give fairly accurate local Samui weather information.

Looking forward hearing from you all!



Boonie S said...

Gosh! This is a jolly clever voting gismo. I'm impressed.
Have a good trip.

All the best, Boonie

Camille said...

Hi Boonie,

Good to see you like!

4 vots so far, results are looking good!