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Monday, 18 October 2010

Food on wheels, More eye tim or ice cream

Food on wheels, More eye tim or ice cream

Indeed, my wife saw the vendor passing and called after him from the balcony which caused a road from three hungry kids on a school break, our two children and a friend of my daughter.
Calling him over also proofed a great addition to the Food on Wheels series.

This is the culprit, a motorbike with side car, the side car being converged into a big holder for the ice cream container, with three little rascals impatiently surrounding the vendor.
This is a slightly bigger version than the eye tim vendor I photographed and reported about on Koh Phangan.
Note the little bell on his steering wheel, the red piece of wood between the bike and the side car, to announce his presence.

Today's ice cream was home made coconut ice cream or eye tim maplau. with a view into the actual center of the earth, according to the kids when the vendor drove up our drive way.

Excitement takes over and my son is very happy with his share, girls will be girls though and the two of them are a little bit more subdued trying to merge in the background.

In the previous post about the ice cream vendors, I mentioned the sandwich bread or bun in which the Thais like to eat their ice cream, well, here's the bun, ready to get stuffed with eye tim and it's ingredients, in the three boxes, from left to right, peanuts, jellied fruit and sticky rice. have a slice of that!

The finished product, a bun with ice cream. Believe it or not but it's extremely popular with pretty much all Thais! It beats me, I rather stick with the standard straightforward ice cream in a cone! Just for the record, I did try the bun filled with ice cream but it just didn't do it for me.



Lawrence said...

A nice set of pics, Camille. Like you I have a thing for food on wheels, and for most itinerant salespeople, in fact.
I don't mind ice cream in a bun, but I wouldn't go out of my way to find one. There are other Thai odd mixtures I like better, like pineapple dipped in a sugar and chilli mixture.

Camille said...

Hi Lawrence,

There are definitely other odd mixtures in the Thai cuisine that work better for me too.
Ice cream in a bun is not bad but nothing to get too excited about!

Talen said...

Camille, the ice cream in the bun threw me off the first time I saw it and I have to admit I haven't tried it yet.

There has been occasions though where I have gotten a bowl of ice cream with sweet bread on the bottom which was kinda nice.

Camille said...

Hi Talen,

It's something special indeed. Maybe you should bite the good old bun one day.

Martyn said...

Camille the first time I saw ice cream in a bun I thought no way Jose, but I did actually try it. I couldn't believe how well the combination worked and I have tried a couple since. I'd go as far as to say it rivals eye tim in a cornet.

I love the sound of an ice cream man's horn, it's one which is so hard to resist.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

Interesting to hear that you actually enjoy it! It didn't do too much for me.

My son hears the sound of that bell miles away!