Friday 1 May 2009

Welcome to May 2009

Welcome to May 2009

A new month on the horizon, May 2009.

I'm proud to note and mention that this is the third year running for info and weather reports on Koh Samui!
Back to the topic at hand though and during he last two years, May didn't kick off that nicely, last year saw a lot of rain during the first half of the month with improvements in the second part of May and 2007 saw a similar pattern.
The weather forecast at Windguru is actually looking very good for the first part of the 2009 version of May.

I'm crossing my fingers for a nice month, but I'm pretty sure that there will be some rain during this month, which is a good thing since today it was almost unbearable hot! I'm very glad with the air con in the living room in the evenings!

Enjoy May and I hope that you keep visiting my blog.


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