Monday 4 May 2009

Look Nimid at Wat Kanuram

Look Nimid at Wat Kanuram

When we visited Wat Kanuram yesterday, to see the Mummified Monk, there was something special going on in the Temple or Bot building next to the new quarters of the Mummified Monk.

The Bot at Wat Kanuram
There were 'look Nimid' placed around the Bot, 7 on the outside and one on the inside. Without these stones, the Bot couldn't be ordained or function and are considered very holy.
The Look Nimid will be lowered into holes, dug in the ground, one in front, one in the back, three at each side and one inside of the Bot.

Three 'Look Nimid' at one side of the Bot.

Inside the Bot one can clearly see the 'main' Buddha image of Wat Kanuram, with some intricate white cords weaved around the inside of the Bot. In the middle is the big 'Look Nimid'.

There's a very important Buddhist day coming up later this week, Visikha Bucha Day on 8th May, when they will put the 'Look Nimid' in the ground.
Every Temple in Thailand will have a main building, the Bot. All the Bot's in Thailand should have "Look Nimid" inside or rather in the ground and around them, in front of the little statue like houses placed around the Bot's.
Surely another thing learned today!

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