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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bird singing contest

Bird singing contest

Many times I passed this empty lot of land which clearly marked a place where there would a bird singing contest. Today was the first time I've actually seen this particular piece of land being used for just that. I've seen contests all over Samui and Thailand but never had a camera at the ready.

Bird singing contest
Bird singing contest

The location is at the Ghost Road leading from Bang Rak towards Chaweng, after the crossing that also houses a 7-11 and the chicken fight arena, it's directly after the sharp curve in the road and this sign is up permanently.

Bird singing contest
Bird singing contest; Plenty of folks gather with their birds and the bird cages are hung up on some line, all in two rows.

Bird singing contest
Bird singing contest

A whistle is blown and the bird cage is made free of a cover and the birds need to sing for a while, until the whistle is blown again and the cages are covered up again.
Prices can be won by the bird owners, betting is heavy and some birds can pass hands for around a million Thai Baht, if they know how to sing properly.
You may be able to catch an event like this whilst travelling the country, it's worthwhile stopping and checking it out for a bit. If you look carefully, many Thai house holds have birds that can compete in these contests.

Bird singing contest
Bird singing contest

It wouldn't be Thailand if everything had to be as 'sabai sabai' possible, so conveniently a couple of these covered sitting areas are set up next to the battle field!

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Mike said...

I know I can never change the culture but a lot of beautiful Thai native birds suffer this fate.

One of my neighbours enters such contests and trades in wild birds he captures. A decent young hill Myna will set you back 1500 Baht.

I saw something similar in a park in Hong Kong one Sunday morning when visiting there a while ago.

Happy Dive Station said...

Who won?

Cecil Lee said...

What a life staying in Koh Samui! It seems to me that you are enjoying your life there very much. I just can't wait to travelling to another beautifulisland of Thailand, Phuket island in this coming October... :)
I'm celebrating 100th post in my Travel Feeder currently, come and celebrate with me and comment on your link to it. Cheers!