Wednesday 27 May 2009

A fishing boat on Bang Rak beach

A fishing boat on Bang Rak beach.

There are many of them, especially near the Seatran pier in Bang Rak. However, today I saw one that had very nice wood carving and what looked from a distance like some fine painting. When I had a look closer up, it proofed to be some nice wood carving indeed and the painting on the boat was outstanding in my humble opinion.

So, just for your pleasure, here are some pictures;

The inside of the boat where the wood carving was located. Nice carving and some good painting of birds and dragons.

The bow of the boat.

The starboard side of the bow (or the right side) with some great detailed painting which usually is below water level, I assume.

More intricate dragon painting.

The port side (or the left side) of the bow.
Hope you like the pictures, I most certainly do, since I don't get to see that many lovely painted fisherman boats.


Happy Dive Station said...

Hi Camille

I seen last year also a nice carved one, and just like you mentioned at the Bangrak peer.

Mike said...

Beautiful handiwork, it seems almost a pity to put it in the sea. Nice photographs.