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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

26th November, 2008

Today's weather;

It's wet and cloudy again and last night I woke up a few times from the thunder and rain. Current temp at 7 am is just 23.7C.

Yesterday saw less rain than expected with 75.2mm. It pretty much drizzled all day though with various hard showers. Max temp reached 27.2C.

There's a lot of water on the roads and the known 'weak' points have problems with prolonged flooding. Some parts that have been taken care of by the local Samui government have drastically improved and the water is dealt with easily. This gives hope for the future and with the new local government we can only hope that things improve and a good and functioning drainage system will be installed all over the island.

The following was posted yesterday on a site called relief web, with a link to a Thai government site, but I failed to find this message in Thai;

Thailand: Heavy rains in Koh Samui warned

Koh Samui district today issues a warning announcement notifying local people of possible heavy rainfalls and strong wind in the Gulf of Thailand.



Henri said...

Today was nice in the afternoon here at Chaweng. Had some sun peaking through, even got some tan :). The weather has been so bad for the last 3 days so hope for more sunny periods in the upcoming days!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Henri,

It was yesterday afternoon. Good for you tog et a tan!
Although there are strong winds expected, the rain might ease up a bit.