Wednesday 26 November 2008

Samui November 2008 rain pictures

Samui November 2008 rain pictures

The last few days has seen some substantial rain in Koh Samui and as per usual, the hot spots on the island are same ol' same ol' with some serious flooding. There are loads of flash floods but in general the various new drainage systems around the island can handle that water within a couple of hours.

The problem that Samui is facing is partly that with all the new construction. nobody really cared about the water running down from the hills in the rainy season with no place to go.

Right now the rain has been going on for so long that the wooden doors are difficult to close, nothing dries up that got wet, shoes, towels, shirts, pants etc and everything turns moldy and smells unpleasant. The 'fresh air in a can' producers must love this time of the year!
Next problem coming up is the sewage tanks filling up with water and not being able to take more in. We have two of them and one is already overflowed and out of action. One bathroom down, one to go!

This is the road just around the corner of my house, at the end of this flooding is a 7-11 convenience store and over the whole 400 or 500 meters length, the average depth is about 1 meter. Once the rain stops, this flood might disappear rather quickly.

This is the same road, now looking from the 7-11 vantage point. This road has a problem every year when there's substantial rain, although, earlier on this month, before the heavy, non stop rain, this road flooded but it drained within a few hours compared to a few weeks previous years.

Another classic hot spot, just before the entrance to Big C on the ring road. This morning it has been raining very hard for around 2 hours and this area turns into a private swimming pool with murky water and heavy traffic!

Somewhere in the Plai Laem area, a river cut through a construction site and the site wasn't accessible but they still needed bricks from the site. This is one way of dealing with the problem, just heave the workers over and have them stick some bricks in the bay.

Best view of the day are a bunch of guys who make the best out of a bad situation and start to fish along muddy rivers. They have nets in their hands and whenever there's the slightest movement that may indicate fish, they throw the net in.

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