Monday 24 November 2008

24th November, 2008

Today's weather;

It's overcast but relatively dry and a bit warmer compared to yesterday, it's currently 25.6C at 7am.

Yesterday saw also little bits of rain with long dry stretches during the night and daytime. Max temp reached 29.3C.

The Thai Meteorological dept issued this warning yesterday, warning # 17;

"Heavy Rain Expected South, Strong Winds in Gulf."
No. 17 (430/2551) Time Issued : November 23, 2008

The rather strong northeast monsoon over the South and the Gulf of Thailand will weaken. Decreasing in rainfall are expected over the areas while wave height 1-2 meters is likely over the Gulf.
Besides, the surge of rather intense high pressure system from China will extend its ridge to cover the South China Sea and the eastern portion of Thailand during 25-28 November, 2008. Showers and cooler with morning fog are likely in the first time and drop in temperature to become cool in generally with windy. High wave 2-3 meters occur in the Gulf during 25-28 November, all ship should proceed with caution again.

In Bangkok the heat is turning up again, the demonstration that I thought would happen yesterday has been postponed to today. So far it's quiet;
Anti-government protesters are planning the biggest rally today in a final showdown with the government, this time going for a people's revolution to topple the Somchai administration.
PAD set to launch 'king taksin operation'.

PAD besieges Parliament and DAAD urged to keep away from PAD protesters if they lay siege to Parliament.

Let's hope that it all stays peaceful.



Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,
It's pouring down here in Chaweng. We just had breakfast at our hotel and the heavy downpour began all of a sudden and it sure is raining.. Last night was nice though, could see the stars on the sky at Chaweng.

F1Rst said...

Good afternoon,Camille
We got warning from The Thai Meteorological dept again.So,It mean that weather is going bad again.This week is Ending of November,At Bangkok it maybe colder.The situation of protesting is resumed,Many guys are waiting for Thaksin's phone-in for listening his confessions.
Thank a lot
See you Tomorrow

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Henri,

That was some serious downpour indeed! Brace yourself for more during tomorrow's day but than it should start to ease up from Wednesday onwards.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi First,

It should get better later this week for the rain, at least on Samui.

Wonder what confession Thaksin is going to give, not that he's a convicted criminal, fleeing justice, somehow I doubt that.