Thursday 13 November 2008

Loy Kratong 2008, Koh Tao

Loy Kratong 2008, Koh Tao

This year I am in Koh Tao during the Loy Kratong festivities, so I had to celebrate and float the Kratong on my own, without my family. They went to the same place as last year, Wat Plai Laem and I went to the harbour in Mae Haad, like the majority of people on Koh Tao.

During the day time, plenty of people around Mae Haad were making Kratongs, to sell later on.
My Kratong came from staff at the Safety Stop who made a whole bunch of them.
This years Kratong!

My Kratong, floating in Mae Haad harbour, in company of dozens of other Kratongs.

It was busy at the harbour, with a constant coming and going of plenty of people who wanted to set their Kratong afloat.

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