Sunday 30 November 2008

Goodbye to November 2008

Goodbye to November 2008

This was a November to remember, rite? First the rain and than the Bangkok situation! That, unfortunately out shined everything.

The weather was typically November style though, to start with my main blog theme! The first couple of days was still surprisingly nice weather but than the November rain started in good old fashion with rain all day long and the flash flooding that go hand in hand with all day rain on Samui. The improved and new drainage systems are working very well however and the flooding didn't last long, within a day or two at most but mostly within hours the floods were gone all over the island.
Right now, towards the end of the month it seems that the monsoon rains have subsided and at least the weather situation is easing up.

This month we had some nice meals and my favorite spots most definitely was Sabeinglea in Lamai. Other faves we visited this month were Il Molino Bakery on the ring road in Chaweng, Angelas bakery in Maenam (now with aircon!), Erik's Swedish restaurant in Lamai and Bongoes in Choengmon, just to name a few.

The political situation has the world attention and is a work in progress. We can only hope that it will end soon and peacefully.

Hope to see you next month,

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