Monday 24 November 2008

Sabeinglae restaurant, Lamai

Sabeinglae restaurant, Lamai

My wife has been telling me about this place for a long time, how good it's supposed to be. Since it's a bit out of the way for us, past Lamai, just past Hin Ta and Hin Yai (Grandmother and Grandfather stones) on the ring road, I didn't make it there until August this year. I happened to be in the neighbourhood and decided to drop in for lunch. Ordered a simple Pla Meuk Krapow (Fried squid with Chili and hot basil) and wasn't impressed.

Today we were in Lamai again, this time with my wife and we decided to give it another go and was I glad we did! This was easily one of the best Thai meals I had on Samui! Guess the big difference was that my wife came along and ordered some real good stuff!

The place is big and can cater to big groups, it's located with a view over the ocean and it's very popular with many Thais, they come from all over the island to eat here.

Outside are these water tanks with all the fresh sea food. They serve a variety of interesting Southern and/or Samui dishes which is always nice to see.

My wife ordered this salad, creatively named the Yam Sabeinglae, with lots of sea food in it and crispy onions on top, in a sour sauce. Just delicious!

She also ordered this Puu Lon, crab in a coconut/peanut sauce. Never had it before but it was truly awesome! Normally I'm not a big fan of fumbling around with crab and cracking the shells open for tiny bits of meat, but this dish made me dig in big time!
I ordered a Chicken Massaman curry, which was good, but too sweet for my liking. I need to get with the program and have my wife do the ordering!
It's a typical non-descript place but the food is fantastic, especially the fact that you can get local food, Samui style, only adds to the fun. Can't wait to go back and give a couple of other dishes a try!


ε‰εΊ¦εˆ˜ιƒŽ said...

Looks very hot

E-healty said...

I want to visit ko samui once.

I saw this video about samui. How beautiful it is

Camille Lemmens said...

It is hot indeed but you can eat around the chillies! ;-)

Camille Lemmens said...


Samui is still very nice and in my opinion is worthwhile a visit!

Hope to see you on our island soon!

Anonymous said...

where is the restaurant exactly

Camille Lemmens said...


Coming from Lamai, going to Nathon, it's just past the Hin Ta Hin Yai entrance. Past this entrance there's a kind of bridge and directly after this bridge on your left hand side you will see the restaurant. Usually there's loads of cars parked at the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

We ate at Sabeinglae restaurant, Lamai several times last year as we were staying within walking distance of it. Food very good. Will be back again in a few weeks time for a 3 month holiday!