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Sunday, 15 June 2008

House inauguration of Aunties house

Today was the house inauguration of one of my wife's Aunts.

The whole family gathers, including the kids and a good time is had by all. It starts a day or so early by cooking all the food for the monks and the relatives and friends that will attend.
My wife went early with the kids, who had a blast playing around with the other kids present and she helped out in the kitchen, preparing dishes and cleaning up.

It all starts out with monks being invited to the house who will chant for an hour or so and than the food is served.

The best food and first choices are given to the monks and the rest of the friends and family eat outside on the balcony and other rooms, the monks get to eat in the living room. Once the monks are finished, the food that they didn't eat is shared by the other visitors. Everything that's left over goes into the 'doggy bags' and is taking home by the various friends and relatives.

The ceremony is concluded by the main monk who paints a good luck charm on top of the front door. Before that the monks have strapped a very thin white cotton rope around the house.

Each new build house or shop, gets an inauguration like this in Thailand.


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