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Thursday, 12 June 2008

12th June, 2008

Today's weather;

Overcast and a light grey sky are dominating this morning's sky with a current temp of 26.6C at 7 am.

Yesterday was a lovely day up till around 3 pm, than it started to rain with heavy wind gushes, after 6 pm it turned better again and blue patches were around again. Max temp reached the lower thirties.



Paul said...

Hi Mate,

I just so happened to stumble across your website and ended up on it for ages looking back at pictures/posts etc.

I have actually been to Samui a good few times but always near the start of the year. jan march april and may.

however i'm going in sept this year and was wondering what roughly the weather was like. i know this a bit of a

daft question as its very unpredictable at times. any information would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks Paul

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Paul,

Sounds like you enjoyed my blog! Good stuff. Regarding September, in general that’s a very good period to visit with excellent conditions, sunny, almost no rain and good for diving as well. The excellent August conditions in general carry over to September, without it being as busy as in August.

Hope this helps.


Paul said...

Hi Camille,

Thanks for your swift reply. excellent stuff. really looking forward to another break in Samui
I love the place/people and would love to live there myself. never a dull moment and can chill out as much as possible if you want. i will visit your blog and check for things going and and of course the weather.

many thanks Paul