Sunday 29 June 2008

Namuang Waterfall, Baan Namuang

Namuang Waterfall, Baan Namuang

Today was finally a Sunday since a while that I could spend with the family. We decided on a trip around the island, something we tend to do on a regular base.

After having driven through Hua Thanon, where I took some pictures of some old style traditional Samui/Hainan houses, we went via Baan Tong Krut, where there's a rum distillery on which I like to report at a later time, when they're in season, around December to April to Baan Taling Gnaam, where we had a quick glance into the Wat Kiri Wongkaram.

After the Temple visit we were on the road again to Namuang Waterfall and the elephants they have near the parking lot.

My son loves elephants and whenever he sees an elephant statue somewhere, and there are plenty of them in Thailand, he's in a state! Imagine when we go to see real live elephants, excitement was in the air! He loved it!

Elephant safaris are offered, currently at 600,-THB per person.

On the way to the actual waterfall are a handful of restaurants, mainly serving good Isaan food, like Naam Tok, Laab, Som Tam and some good BBQ-ed chicken (Kai Yang). One restaurant in particular is described in a different post on this blog.

This information plaque tells us how important the waterfall is to Samui, various Kings of the Chakra dynasty have visited the waterfall, Rama V and his Queen, Queen Saovapa Pongsi, later King Rama III visited once and the current King, King Bhumibol, Rama IX and his Queen visited on April 27, 1962.
It's a tine fall, consisting with a small reservoir at the fall base.

The reservoir at the base of the fall, inviting to swimmers. usually Thai families hang out at the opposite, picnicking through the day.

The actual waterfall, currently with a good flow, after the recent rain we had.

A shot with both the basin and the fall partially on it.

Another great place to stop during a trip around the island and a good place to stop and get something to eat or have a refreshing young coconut to drink and a favorite of our family, I lost track of how many times we visited this place already.



Anonymous said...

Ik ben d'r nog nooit geweest! Een keer een poging gedaan op een zondag (geen goed idee!) en rechtsomkeert gemaak. We gaan meestal naar de kleinere watervallen, maar deze is toch wel de moeite waard, dus nog maar eens een poging wagen.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Zeker de moeite waard. We waren er nu ook op een zondag maar de drukte veel mee.