Saturday, 28 June 2008

Wat Racha Tamaram, Lamai

Wat Racha Tamaram, Lamai

Or better known as Wat Silah Nguu (temple of the Stone Snake) by the locals, just a bit further down the road coming from Lamai, going towards Hua Thanon, was visited by me after my trip to Immigration in Nathon and after my stop at the Chinese Temple in Hua Thanon.
It's called the Temple of the Stone Snake because all over the temple, there are plenty of Stone Snakes, mainly next to all stairs, as (over sized) hand railings.

Located directly at the ring road, this picture taken going in to the direction of Lamai, it has always been a very small and simple Wat (temple) with no bells and whistles so to speak. I visited this Wat once before during a Temple fair when my sister and her family were visiting.

Right now there's some serious construction going on and a Bot, as pictured here and a big Sala is almost finished. In a Thai temple, the "BOT" (โบสถ์) is the finest building where monks are assembled for religious rites (สังฆกรรม) such as morning and evening prayers, ordination. It is the most sacred part of the temple.

Here's the almost completed Sala, which is serving as a community meeting centre during activities at the Wat.

Both building make for a tremendous impact and change on the Temple grounds.

Almost directly next to the entrance of the Wat, slightly to your left, you can find this big Banian tree or "Bo", surrounded by all kind of Buddha images and other deity's. Trees are considered holy in Thailand and many times trees are worshipped, like this one.

Further down on the premises, towards the ocean, the Wat is located at the top of a cliff with a beautiful view, you can find this Phra Thaat. This is a building where a bone or other relic of a local, famous monk is kept.

Below the Pra Thaat, down towards the ocean, this cemetery can be found where the urns of the deceased have an eternal view over the Gulf of Thailand.

At the back of the Wat, at your left hand, you can find these two Buddha statues, which are worshipped by the local visitors.

Interestingly enough, sitting right next to the two Buddha statues, is this Buddha statue wrapped in plastic, ready to be painted in the right colours.

Opposite the two small Buddha statues, is this Sala dedicated to Lung Phra Phum, a local monk who is revered here.

At the end of my visit I bought some more amulets, There were a few on display, including a beautiful box of a set of two amulets for 1.500,-THB.

During a trip around the island, this a small but nice Wat, not very spectacular but in all it's modesty, it has some great views over the Gulf and the local bay and you can get some good shots here. I enjoyed my visit more than I anticipated and I posted more pictures than I usually would do.


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