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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Rua Chak Phra Festival 4-12 November in Nathon

The Rua Chak Phra Festival 4-12 November in Nathon is one of the events you don't want to miss if you're on Koh Samui during that week. 

It's a very interesting event with loads of Rua Chak Phra's on display in Nathon. To get an idea what this is all about, check out this link from last year's event.

Rua Chak Phra Festival 4-12 November in Nathon

Basically all the temples around Koh Samui will have a Rua Chak Phra. The word Rua in Thai means boat, Chak means to pull and Phra means monk. There will be cars dressed up like boats that are pulled around in the neighborhood of each temple in the week leading up to the Festival in Nathon. In the olden days the pulling was done by man power but nowadays this is done by tractor or car/pick up 

The floats look fantastic, very colorful and some are real pieces of art! There's one completely made out of hard wood and this one can still be pulled by man power, very impressive.

Don't be upset of all of a sudden there's a bit of a traffic jam in your hood, it may well be a Rua Chak Phra being shown off.

In the week from 4 to 12 November, all boats or floats will be gathered in Nathon and are on display, a great moment to witness some local folklore and an absolute fantastic opportunity to make some amazing pictures. You have been warned, now don't miss out on this!

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